We understand the numerous challenges clients face when dealing with governmental regulatory agencies. Below is a brief description of the services we offer.

Outsource provides building permit expediting and permit management services for both commercial and residential building/projects. Listed below is a comprehensive list of Permits we offer our clients.

Department of Buildings
  • Foundation Work
  • Excavation Work
  • New Building (superstructure) Permit
  • Interior Alteration Permits
  • After-Hour Work Permits
  • Mechanical Alteration Permits
  • Sprinkler/Standpipe Permits
  • Standpipe Work Permits
  • Equipment Use Permits
  • Place of Assembly Permits
  • Exterior Signage Permits
Department of Transportation
  • Street Paving
  • Fence Installation
  • Place Material on Street
  • Sidewalk Crossing
  • Place Crane or Shovel on Street
  • Place Equipment (other than crane of shovel) on Street
  • Place Shanty or Trailer on Street
  • Temporary Pedestrian Walkway
  • Temporary Closing of Roadway
  • Place Container on Street
  • Temporary Sidewalk Closing
  • Repair Sidewalk
  • Construct New Sidewalk
  • Replace Sidewalk
Department of Environmental Protection
  • Sewer Connection Permits
  • Water Tap Permits
NYC Fire Department
  • Filing of A-433 forms