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Navigating city regulatory agencies can be an insurmountable task for architects, engineers, owners and contractors. So much behind the scenes maneuvering and revising occurs before the Department of Buildings allows construction teams to break ground. Consider Outsource an all-inclusive guide through this process. From code consultation through construction services and compliance, Outsource can turn a blueprint into a shovel ready project.


Armed with solutions to reconcile architectural plans with Building Code regulations.


A team of in-house consultants aid clients by contending with the most complex Building, Zoning, Plumbing and Mechanical Code issues.

With its encyclopedic knowledge of construction law, the Outsource consulting team specializes in feasibility studies, reconsiderations, CCD1s, amendments, fire safety, land use and landmark services.

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Efficiently moving approvals and permits through city agencies with a strategic partner to carry out special inspections.

Job Approvals

Let Outsource negotiate critical approvals with city agencies so your project can stay on pace. Outsource files all DOB applications from new buildings to alterations, encompassing all job types including mechanical and plumbing, sprinkler and standpipe, façade and place of assembly.

Outsource also secures DOT, Landmarks, DEP and FDNY approvals.

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Outsource knows construction crews need to get to work. Rely on Outsource to obtain all necessary permits on your construction project. This includes DOB permits for all work types, EUP, DOT, after hours permits and more.

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Lingering open applications can stall the construction process and make refinancing problematic. Outsource values project completion, beginning the project closeout phase as the DOB issues permits.

Outsource provides all sign-off services for DOB applications, DOT highway letters, Landmarks and FDNY.

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Special Inspections

In 2012 Outsource created its dedicated special inspections company Outsource Special Inspections. OSI is a class 2 special inspections agency that executes and oversees all T1 and T8 special inspection work on any construction project in New York City.

OSI’s veteran team of architects and project managers confidently guide clients through the inspection process, making code complaint recommendations and foreseeing project setbacks.

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Eliminating obstacles to construction and refinancing by removing violations and signing off applications.


Buildings with violations have difficulty changing occupancy and refinancing. Outsource’s talented violation team attends violation hearings, mitigates violation penalties and secures Certificates of Correction leaving a clear path for building owners to make large-scale changes to their building.

Outsource’s violation services encompass all DOB, FDNY, ECB and electrical violations. Want to check and resolve your ECB violations? Check with Outsource’s ECB Violation Tool.

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